The New Studio

by GV on 2013-12-16 at 02:40 PM

I should just not be allowed to run my own website. Because I just don't update it.

I don't like making posts without having something to show for it, and it's been kind of dodgy over the past - well, half a year, anyhow. I've been busy with a few things, but mostly just this one thing:

Neon Deity Games is a home video game entertainment studio that I have founded with a couple other swell chums and we have been making games together since April. One of those games has an uncertain fate, but the other game is actually finished and is going to be revealed/released soon. So anyone who finds this website via 3DS Streetpass: my apologies for being terrible with updates. Especially those of you who went here prior to this post, saw a dead website, and never came back to see this message. I thought we could be more than streetpassees, but alas it was not meant to be.

So, yeah. Neon Deity is coming soon, and with it, information about our upcoming stuff. Other people have their hands on the site as well; these people are my game development cohorts and are arguably professionals at maintaining websites and reporting on the goings-ons of the proprietors of said websites. There's a good chance this NEXT site won't simply rot in neglect; it is not in my power to make that happen.

And what happened to Return to Roots? Long story short: still nothing, yet. It's going to get a complete facelift, and we're going to scrub away the stains left behind by my developer-art. There'll be some gameplay tweaks as well to enhance the experience, since 100% of my efforts are now focused on the coding side of things, where they belong.

There are actual things starting to happen, and I'm excited for it.

Timestamps tentatively fixed

by GV on 2013-02-07 at 06:44 PM

It looks like it was an environment problem. For whatever reason, the putenv function for timezone was failing, and was outputting GMT both before and after the call. The only thing that's changed is the server hosting the website, but further investigation into and resolution of the issue is really not worth the effort, so I just side-stepped the issue by subtracting 18,000 seconds from the return value on time(). It's basically the same thing. This is less code, even!

Checking timezone

by GV on 2013-02-07 at 11:22 PM

Noticed this morning that my timestamps appeared to be GMT, rather than EST (GMT-5). Is it the environment I was posting from, or something in the code? This post should tell me.

One thing I forgot to mention

by GV on 2013-02-07 at 10:26 AM

If any of my co-workers are reading this and checking the timestamps: I'm definitely doing this on downtime. Installing CRW right now.

Monthly status update

by GV on 2013-02-07 at 10:22 AM

Not that I'm going to commit to or limit myself to posting updates on a monthly basis, just wanted to throw something out there since I haven't had any public-facing exposure or updates on the status of RTR: it's very much alive.

In fact, it's more alive than it's ever been.

Full time employment has, as expected, impacted the amount of time I have to work on game development, but I've come across some very fortunate circumstances in that regard that I'm excited to reveal once the time comes (which is hopefully soon).

I'm also going to stop using the "BP" signature on these blog posts, opting to my initials instead. I wonder if there's a reason for that?


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